Erika Nash and Brandon Beck win the BYU/SA elections


Brandon Beck and Erika Nash were pronounced the winners of the 2013 BYU/SA elections Tuesday, March 6.

Beck is a business management student from Bountiful, Utah, and vice president of communications in the BYU Student Service Association and the BYU Business Strategy Club.

Brandon Beck and Erika Nash are announced the winners of the BYUSA election Tuesday night at the Wilkinson Center. (Chris Bunker)
Brandon Beck and Erika Nash are announced the winners of the BYUSA election Tuesday night at the Wilkinson Center. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

After winning the elections, Beck wanted students to know that he and Nash would start working immediately.

“I want to let students know that we will get started right away,” Beck said. “Erika and I will start immediately on Wednesday organizing everything for next year.”

Nash is a junior and is also studying business management. She is the executive vice-president of BYU Student Alumni and an advanced department intern for the Mitt Romney campaign.

“Running for office at BYU has been a really great experience for me,” Nash said. “I’ve loved going out and talking to students.”

Beck’s experience in BYU/SA and Nash’s opportunities in leadership positions helped the team accomplish its ultimate goal: winning BYU/SA elections.

Chad Sloan, director of outreach of the Brandon and Erika campaign, is proud to have so many supporters and students involved.

“We have 367 people in the campaign, (and) 317 of those are in outreach,” Sloan said.

Jay Warren, a student from San Diego and a member of the campaign, supports Beck and Nash because he feels they can bring the students closer.

“Brandon and Erika are all about bringing the university together and helping the different clubs and groups on campus become more united,” Warren said.

Beck and Nash focus on three key initiatives: expanding opportunity, empowering change and elevating experience. Some of their prospective projects include creating a comprehensive calendar available to students, addressing predatory towing and booting, and initiating an end-of-year tradition with major events.

Beck feels that a more united campus will help achieve their goal of helping BYU students live the ultimate college experience.

“We want to make sure that the BYU experience is second to none — the best college experience in the country,” Beck said.

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