Expecteded influx at Prospective Missionary Fireside


President Cecil O. Samuelson will speak at the semesterly Prospective Missionary Fireside, which will be held on March 6 at 7:30 pm. in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom.

The turnout for the fireside is expected to be even bigger than last semester’s fireside.

President Samuelson will address students during the Prospective Missionary Fireside on Wednesday.
President Samuelson will address students during the Prospective Missionary Fireside on Wednesday.

“Now people have had time to register for missionary classes, where as last time it (the fireside) was in the middle of the semester,” Brad Farnsworth, the fireside coordinator, said. “The second thing is that President Samuelson is the speaker. Any time you have the president of BYU as a speaker, I think it’s going to increase attendance just because of the quality of the speaker and his experience.”

Farnsworth said he has expects that up to 1,000 more students than usual will attend the fireside due to the energy of people deciding to serve missions.

John Livingstone teaches Mission Preparation and has his students attend the fireside every semester. He encourages all prospective missionaries to attend.

“I hope they’ll leave fired up about going on missions and sacrificing two years to the Lord,” Livingstone said.

Livingstone said he expects that due to the missionary age change, there will be more girls at the fireside than ever before. In one of his classes of 61 students, only five are male. This will be roughly the 30th Prospective Missionary Fireside Livingstone has attended. He said the speakers generally have good insights into missionary work.

“I’ve listened to a variety of general authorities and their wives speak to these students,” Livingstone said. “Many have been mission presidents themselves and have toured missions. They’ve got a great perspective in terms of missionary work and how the work goes forward throughout the world.”

Colin Arbuckle, a freshman from Wilmington, Mass., put in his mission papers and is planning to attend the fireside.

“I hope to learn something that could help me become a better missionary, like patience and a better knowledge of doctrine,” Arbucke said.

To prepare for the event, Farnsworth invited faculty who teach Mission Prep, the Orem Institute, the Missionary Training Center president, the area seventy and stake presidents.

“We want to get people there so students see their priesthood leaders and know that all of us are behind them,” Farnsworth said.

Students who attend should dress nice casual.

“Dress in nice school clothes,” Farnsworth said. “A lot of young men come in ties, young women come in dresses to show respect for the topic.”

Farnsworth said students can expect the Spirit to be present at the fireside.

“They’ll be pleasantly surprised how rich the Spirit is because it’s about missionary work,” he said. “The Lord loves his missionaries, he loves his prospective missionaries, he loves the families of his missionaries. The Lord is mindful of this fireside and those who will be present.”

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