Carmody Sagers’ friends working to defray medical costs


Several BYU students and Utah community members have rallied to raise money for Carmody Sagers’ medical fund. Money donated to various outlets will help relieve her family of medical expenses and funeral costs.

Sagers, a BYU senior who died Feb. 17 following acute liver failure, struggled with serious health conditions most of her life, including celiac disease, anemia and osteoporosis. Sagers wanted to spend her life helping others with similar illnesses and studied nutrition and dietetics at BYU.

Wyview resident assistant Jillian Ferrell sketches a photo of Carmody Sagers
Wyview resident assistant Jillian Ferrell sketches a photo of Carmody Sagers.

Several fundraising opportunities are available to the BYU community, including the Carmody Sagers Medical Fund anyone can donate to at any Wells Fargo branch. Kaylyn Johnston, a friend of Sagers, discussed how important these donations are to the family.

“We are hoping to raise these funds to ease the costs of the medical expenses she incurred after a week on life support, running various medical tests in hopes of getting a liver transplant, as well as expenses for emergency care,” Johnston said. “Whatever small donations can be made not only will help her family and ease their pain at this time, but also stand as a testament to Carmody’s life and all that she has done for the world.”

Sagers’ parents expressed their gratitude to the BYU community. The Universe received this statement: “Rick and Marlene Sagers, parents of Carmody Sagers, wish to express their utmost appreciation and gratitude to the university and to all of Carmody’s friends and teachers for the wonderful and supportive way they have reached out to us during this time. They were especially humbled last Friday when the university lowered the flag to half staff in Carmody’s honor.  To all those who have helped in any way, they express their profound and sincere thanks.”

Trisha Shelley, Sagers’ hall adviser in Wyview, mentioned a Facebook page titled “Carmody Sagers Medical Fund – Fundraising Ideas.” The Facebook page offers fundraising ideas for Sagers’ medical costs. It also lists several options that people can choose, including purchasing sketches of Sagers from Wyview resident assistant Jillian Ferrell, and an event hosted by members of BYU’s Divine Comedy.

Shelley also encouraged people to donate.

“(The Sagers family) would be so grateful for anything they got, and be grateful to know that so many people cared about (their) daughter,” Shelley said.

Stacey Harkey, a member of Divine Comedy, provided more details on the Divine Comedy event.

“We will be doing an event called The Divine Carmody featuring members of the BYU-TV show ‘Studio C,’ as well as members of the sketch comedy group Divine Comedy,” Harkey said. “It is a sketch comedy show followed by a dance party. If you don’t want to see the show, you can still pay to attend the dance party.”

The event will take place March 22 at 8 p.m.; the venue will be announced later. Harkey said that fundraising opportunities include tickets to the show and dance party, a silent auction, donation boxes and a PayPal link online. For more information, visit Divine Comedy’s Facebook page.

Sketch of Carmody Sagers done by Wyview resident assistant Jillian Ferrell
Sketch of Carmody Sagers done by Wyview resident assistant Jillian Ferrell.

Mike Watson, Sagers’ boyfriend, mentioned several fundraising opportunities as well. One includes employing a local photographer in Salt Lake, Dave Labrum, who will donate 50 percent of his earnings March 1-2 to the Sagers family.

Watson said that seeing the considerable amount of support offered by the community has opened his heart.

“I would encourage BYU faculty, staff and students to donate time serving or financially to support a fellow student,” Watson said. “I have found that as I have gotten very involved in this, it has opened my eyes to people all around that need this type of service. It has helped me become aware of these people and desire to serve now and in the future for all kinds of people in need.”

Editor’s note: The Universe does not verify bank accounts promoted as part of fundraising efforts.

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