Police Beat


Disorderly Conduct

Feb. 15 Students reported hearing some sort of explosion in the Helaman Halls dorms. No damage was found, and there are no suspects at this time. Investigation is ongoing.

Feb. 15 University Police officers responded to a dispute between individuals in the Richards Building. The dispute was settled without altercation.

Feb. 18 Students reported snowballs were thrown at cars near the Helaman Halls tunnel. No suspects were found at the scene.


Feb. 13 An individual with a history of leaving the library without properly checking out materials was cited for library theft.

Feb. 14 A locked bicycle was stolen from the Jesse Knight Building bike rack.

Feb. 14 An individual was soliciting for money in Wymount Terrace using various false stories to arouse donors’ pity. The individual was cited for theft by deception and removed from campus. The money was returned to the victims.

Feb. 14 An individual tried to avoid the security scanners and upon questioning was found to have library materials in their possession. The individual was cited for library theft.


Feb. 14 An individual was struck by snow and ice thrown from a passing car in the Heritage Halls parking lot. An investigation is ongoing.

Feb. 14 An individual was struck by ice thrown from a passing car in Lot 43. An investigation is ongoing.

Attempted Burglary Business

Feb. 3 An individual attempted entry by prying open a window of an East Bay Business Building. No entry was made.


Feb. 2 An intoxicated male punched and kicked his arresting officer near 200 W. Bulldog Blvd.

Feb. 3 An individual held a letter opener to a victim’s throat and attempted to strangle her. No location was given. Suspect is at large.


These events took place on the BYU campus and in Provo.

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