Funniest intramural team names

Teams Taryn Shirley and Tube Erculosis play a game of Coed inner tube water polo, a intramural sport. 2/22/13 Whitnie Soelberg
Teams Taryn Shirley and Tube Erculosis play a game of Coed inner tube water polo, a intramural sport. (Photo by Whitnie Soelberg)

Everyone knows someone who takes their intramural team seriously, but a list of this year’s team names would suggest that members have a real sense of humor.

“I really like ManChestHair United. I think that’s my favorite one,” Eric Strobelt an innertube water polo player said.

Strobelt named his own water polo team Bombsauce. When asked how he came up with the idea Strobelt explained, “A couple years ago I was on a soccer team with a couple of friends and we were trying to come up with a name, and only one person gave a suggestion and it was Bombsauce.”

Here’s a list of the funniest intramural team names.

Co-ed Innertube Water Polo

Tube Erculosis

Butter Nuggets

Pink Swimming Unicorns


ManChestHair United

Goal Diggers

Fat Married People

Mancave United

Falcon Kick



Hoops I Did It Again


Sons of Helaman Halls

11′ Charlotte Bobcats

Honey Badgers

Male Pattern Baldness

Sons of Chuck Norris

Women’s Basketball

Caucasion Invasion

Tribe of Many Feathers

Names aren’t the only crazy thing about intramural sports. Michael Meador, who works in the intramural department, has seen some hilarious things happen on the field .

“The funniest thing I ever witnessed was this past summer,” Meador said. “I was umpiring a softball team and there was this participant that had a prosthetic arm, and I didn’t realize he had it. He always batted one handed, but I didn’t know why. I thought maybe his other arm was injured. He hit a ground ball to the infield; he’s a pretty big guy so he couldn’t run very fast, so he knew he wouldn’t make it in time. The next thing I saw was this arm flying through the air and he tried to get it to land on the bag before the ball got there, and he knew it was a joke, but we were all shocked because we didn’t know it was a prosthetic arm.”

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