BYU student brings ‘The Book of Mormon Girl’ author Joanna Brooks to Muse Music Cafe


“The Porch” at Muse Music Cafe will feature storyteller Joanna Brooks, a well-known LDS author and blogger in the community.

BYU English major Derrick Clements is the founder and producer of The Porch. (Photo by Sarah Karlinsey)

Brooks, author of “The Book of Mormon Girl,” will return to the cafe for her second time on Thursday, Feb. 28, at the invitation of BYU student Derrick Clements, who produces a monthly storytelling session called “The Porch.”

Clements started “The Porch” in May 2011. He wanted to start a monthly gig where the community could come together to hear personal and uplifting stories.

“The thing we try to do is steer away from fairy tales or fables,” Clements said. “I don’t go in that direction because I feel like there is a lot you can do within the realm of personal experiences. This is a way you can really bring the community together.”

Although “The Porch” is usually hosted at the Muse Music Cafe, previous shows have also been at the Rock Canyon Park Trailhead and in Salt Lake, featuring storytellers such as Richard Dutcher, Joanna Brooks and BYU and UVU students.

“I was thrilled when Joanna agreed to come again,” Clements said.

When Brooks came last year, she shared material from her book. This time, she will have new material that includes extra visual content. Usually the storytellers do not use props, but Clements mentioned that this time they will try something new.

For more information or to listen to podcasts from the show, visit The Porch’s website.

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