New classes being offered in 2013


With growing demands of modern technology, career preparedness and general education requirements, a few courses for the 2013–2014 school year have been updated or added to fit the demand.

Student Asia Smith looks online for new classes to take for the 2013–14 school year. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

School of Family Life

In the department of school and family life a new class called Consumer and the Market will be offered beginning in Fall 2013.  The main goal of this course is to teach students how to become wiser consumers and what to look out for when purchasing big or small items for themselves, their future family and their home.  


In the college of nursing, a new class has been added called Strategies for Nursing Employment. This course will teach students in the nursing program how to get a job after graduation. The course will cover how to develop a better résumé, become a better interviewer and steps students need to network with professionals.


The school of technology will also be offering two new classes: Sustainability and Building Solution Regulatory, and Introduction to Computer Systems.

Sustainability and Building Solution Regulatory will give students a better understanding on how to create sustainable building practices, and Introduction to Computer Systems will give students an overall view of how computer hardware functions and operates.

Visual Arts

The department of visual arts will be offering a new track called the Concept Design Track curriculum.

This new track will begin in Fall of 2013 and will be offered to students interested in majoring in illustration. Students who pass portfolio requirements, have been accepted to the Illustration and Animation programs, completed the prerequisite course and declared certain career goals that fit the Concept Design track curriculum will be admitted.  

Professor Justin Kunz, who will be teaching classes within the Concept Design Track, has many years of experience in illustration and said this new track with allow for the students to have clear direction and focus.

“BYU students who want to pursue careers in the field of entertainment design — in animation, films, video games, eBooks  mobile apps, toy design and educational software — will now have a clearer and more robust educational path available to them in the illustration program, to help prepare them for career opportunities,” Kunz said.  

Concept Design 1 & 2 are two new classes that will be offered in the Concept Design track.  

Honors courses

The honors department will be offering a variety of new courses within the 2013–2014 time period. Some of the new classes to be offered are History and Philosophy of Biology; Inside/Outside: Outsider Music & Art; Effective Decision Making; Medieval Heroes: Warriors, Saints and Lovers; and Once Upon a Time: Stories that Shape the Self.  

Professor David Laraway, who teaches in the department of Spanish and Portuguese, will be teaching the Inside/Outside: Outsider Music & Art class in Fall 2013.

“I think that the course will be of interest to students from different majors and from diverse backgrounds,” Laraway said. “Most of the artists, musicians and composers we will study are virtually unknown to most casual listeners and students of the visual arts.” 

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