Blog: Can a college student become a master chef?


If there’s one thing college students struggle with it’s not only eating good food but cooking it. College students’ diets are constantly questioned by parents, doctors and students themselves. Recent Wesleyan graduate Will Levitt wrote in May that eating well starts with being able to cook; microwaving frozen dinners and fast food won’t cut it in the long run. That’s where the YouTube cooking gurus of SORTED come in.

The men of SORTED from left to right: Jon Gavaghan, Barry Taylor, Mike Huttlestone, Ben Ebbrell and Jamie Spafford. (Photo courtesy SORTED Food)

What is SORTED?

According to their website, SORTED is all about cooking good food with good people. Trained chef Ben Ebbrell leads the team, providing expertise on basically any cooking topic.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a master of the kitchen, you’ll find tonnes of recipe videos for dishes that are quick, easy and downright delicious!

The website is run by the SORTED crew, a bunch of mates who are out to prove that you can have a bit of fun in the kitchen – cooking doesn’t have to be so serious!

What kind of food does SORTED like?

Anything and everything. And they show you from start to finish exactly how it’s done. SORTED is all about simplicity without compromising taste. By selecting a “recipe playlist” on their website, aspiring chefs get all of the SORTED recipes dedicated to that food or meal. Oftentimes, the main component of a SORTED dish is something simple like Ramen noodles, but Ebbrell takes it to the next level.

What makes SORTED special?

There are plenty of cooking blogs and how to make “insert recipe here” videos but SORTED specializes in giving college students an advantage in the kitchen. The Good Web Guide even named SORTED the best educational website of 2012. More than 220,000 people subscribe to SORTED on YouTube and the crew has uploaded more than 320 videos. They upload new videos and recipes every Tuesday and Friday on their YouTube channel plus extra videos and recipes on their website every other day of the week.

SORTED published their first cookbook in 2009 and have released two since then, the most recent in August 2012. But the essence of SORTED doesn’t exist in the pages of a book. Ebbrell and his friends make cooking an interactive experience, both online and in the kitchen itself.

So while YouTube may be their home, the SORTED crew can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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