Ashley Hess releases a music video before her album to show her originality


Local artist Ashley Hess will stray from the typical musician’s timeline and will release her first music video before her first album.

Hess will release her music video next week for her song titled “Tonight.” She will also premiere her first album in a release party on March 15.

“Tonight” was chosen to be her first music video because the song is different and reflects her originality. It follows a story of a girl and a boy meeting for the first time and the butterflies one gets from that first encounter. Hess not only sings in the video but stars as the girl falling in love.

“At first, it was awkward,” Hess said. “I didn’t know what to expect with the camera right there. Once we started filming I was just as comfortable as when I’m performing. My anxiety and jitters went away, and I became really comfortable.”

Sam Schultz, the owner of the local restaurant Sammy’s, is Hess’ manager. He said he has known her for about a year and is impressed by the amount of talent she has.

“I think she’s super talented,” Schultz said. “When I heard a couple of her tracks, I thought, ‘This girl has some potential and has good writing abilities.’ So I approached her and told her she should do something more with her music than just performing for fun.”

Schultz came up with the idea to record Hess’ first music video.

“We tried a couple of different locations until we found the right one,” he said. “We brought in some of her friends to add a more natural flow. They all acted a bit to recreate the vibe you feel when you first fall in love.”

Sarah Topham, a friend of Hess’, is in the video for a short clip. She mentioned it was a fun thing for their friends to be a part of. At first, Topham said it was awkward being filmed but she began to enjoy it a lot more when she saw Hess performing.

“It was fun to see Ashley doing it for real,” she said.

Topham and Hess have been friends since childhood, and Topham was the first to hear Hess’ first song.

“I think her stuff is super relatable,” Topham said. “People can listen to her lyrics and see what she meant when she wrote the song.”

Hess moved from California to Utah to attend UVU. While she was waiting to get residency, she picked up the guitar and taught herself to play.

“Most people have been performing and doing this all of their lives,” Hess said. “I’ve been singing for forever, but I was always more into sports. I had plans to play college sports.”

She said she has loved music her whole life but was never really serious about it until two years ago.

“It all just happened really fast,” Hess said. “I wrote a song and then I wrote another song, and it all just picked up from there.”

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