Google looking for Google Glass trial participants

Sergey Brin
Google co-founder Sergey Brin models Google Glass glasses (AP Photo)

Google is moving forward with its project Google Glass, a pair of glasses that allows the wearer to record, photograph and share what they see.

The glasses, which are voice-controlled, also provide a small screen in the corner of the glasses that show video chat, Google maps and Google search results.

Google is currently accepting applications for trial participants, but there are no lengthy forms to fill out. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Users who apply must include the hashtag “#ifihadglass” and explain what they’d do with the nifty gadget. If 50 words aren’t enough, Google is also letting users include up to five pictures and a 15-second video.

Already, there have been over 200 tweets asking for the opportunity to try Google Glass. Those wanting to apply have until Feb. 27.

Read the Los Angeles Times story here.

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