Police Beat


Suspicious Person

Jan. 22 Provo Police warned a woman jogging on the Provo River Trail that she was being followed by a man on a bicycle. Police reported that the woman did not know the man following her and had been nervously glancing back at him. When police apprehended the suspicious man they found a BB gun, a knife and methamphetamine in his possession.

Criminal Mischief

Feb 12 A mailbox door near 400 north and 500 west was reported to have been glued shut.

Feb. 9 An individual was reported near the University Press building driving a four-wheeler over and through BYU property causing some damage.  The individual was contacted and warned against continuing this activity.

Feb. 7 Custodians reported damage to a wall at Helaman Halls.


Feb. 13 Jewelry was stolen from behind a locked door at 300 south and 1600 west.

Feb. 7 An engagement ring, wedding ring and cell phone were reported stolen from a Wymount apartment.

Disorderly Conduct

Feb. 8 A person was reported for disorderly behavior in a Smith Field House restroom.  University Police officers responded until a family member was able to take responsibility for the individual.


Feb. 12 Tires and wheels were stolen near 100 South and 400 East.

Feb. 7 A locked bicycle was reported taken from a bike rack outside the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Feb. 6 A locked bicycle was taken from a bicycle rack outside the library.

Feb. 6 A laptop was reported stolen at the Wilkinson Center but was found by the owner during the investigation.

Vehicle Theft

Feb. 13 A green Nissan Altima was stolen near 2000 North and 600 West.

Feb. 13 A silver Dodge Caravan was stolen near 200 West and Center Street. The owner had left the keys in the vehicle.

These events took place on the BYU campus and in Provo.

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