Missionary age-change affects LDS populated universities

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson announces the missionary age-change in the Saturday morning session of General Conference in October 2012. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

Universities that serve a large LDS population are gearing up for the drastic changes coming with next year’s enrollment fallout due to the Mormon missionary age change. Insider Higher Ed reported universities will face decreased tuition revenue and student housing issues among other challenges.





The church’s announcement means that essentially two cohorts of college-aged men and three cohorts of college-aged women will be departing for missions simultaneously.

That means that for roughly the next five semesters — the amount of time it takes for those cohorts to depart and return — institutions with large LDS populations will have to confront decreased tuition revenue and enrollment as the number of Mormon missionaries, both men and women, surges.

Read the full story at Inside Higher Ed.

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