BYU softball picks up SLCC standout Mylee Davis


The BYU softball team added a Salt Lake Community College transfer to its roster this season.

Sophomore catcher Mylee Davis was added to the 2013 Cougar roster last month in a middle-of-the-year transfer. Davis played her freshman year at SLCC, but according to her, that was just a stepping stone leading up to her goal of playing Division 1 softball for BYU.

BYU scouted Davis while she was in high school and gave her an offer to play as a freshman, but she decided to play for SLCC instead. It was a bold move by Davis, but one well-played, as she knew she could receive a better offer after getting a year of experience.

BYU was always the end goal for Davis. She never saw herself finishing at SLCC and kept in contact with BYU, hoping to be recruited again. BYU called her just a few months ago and extended another offer to play for the team. Davis jumped at the opportunity to play, thinking she would start in the 2014 season. However, the Cougars had a need for her this season and made a quick transfer. It was difficult for Davis to leave her SLCC team and make the transfer, but in her heart she knew it was the right decision for her.

“Playing at SLCC was the best experience I’ve ever had,” Davis said. “Coach Amicone (SLCC coach) holds you to such a high standard that you have to perform (like) a champion all the time, in all aspects, and so it was good for softball and to grow as a person.”

Davis recorded impressive freshman-year stats on a team that made it all the way to the NJCAA National Championship game. She had a .317 batting average with five home runs and 32 RBIs in her first season and acted as a wall for the Bruins’ plate.

Mylee Davis, a transfer from SLCC, joined the Cougars for the 2013 season. (Photo courtesy SLCC Athletics)

Davis is still adjusting to the new school and new curriculum. She is a psychology major and is surprised at the change of pace academically at BYU. She now spends more time doing homework and working towards establishing herself. She believes attending BYU will give her the “BYU edge” on her résumé that will help her land her future career. 

“It’s such a wonderful atmosphere and so different from being at SLCC,” Davis said. “Academically, I’m learning so much, and I feel like I’m a lot more knowledgeable. And it’s so nice to be around people the same age and with the same beliefs as you.”

Davis said college softball will be the end of her softball career, but this 19-year-old sophomore has some other plans for her future. She hopes to travel and is even planning on doing a service project in Africa. 

“I’ve always wanted to help,” Davis said. “My grandma and cousins were involved in different projects like the ones after the hurricanes in Haiti. I would love to be assigned to a project and help in a community as well as be able to see new places.”

When Davis is not behind the plate, she enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities like hiking and fishing. She also has a love for musicals and participated in all of her high school’s musicals in Syracuse. She likes to get crafty too and make things, such as her own clothes.

Davis played in just two tournaments with the Cougars, the Red Desert Classic and the Easton Desert Classic, where five able catchers are working hard for the starting spot. Davis said her teammates have made the adjustment easy and have been very welcoming. But like her, the softball team is still getting adjusted to working  together as a team, becoming comfortable with each other and finding its team identity.

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