Valentine shout-outs


Email or tweet your Valentine’s Day shout-outs to The Universe! On Wednesday and Thursday we will be tweeting out your Valentine messages and putting them on the home page of our website.

Don’t forget to mention @UniverseBYU or email . (Email us if you want your love note to be anonymous.)


@cLBeachum: @UniverseBYU I’m wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single people.

@rebeccalane: @UniverseBYU Happy Galentine’s Day to all you ladies out there! 

@alexhoeft: @UniverseBYU Happy Valentine’s to every single person who has created a Harlem Shake video on YouTube. You’ve made my life.

@vandalismjo: @UniverseBYU SHOUTSOUT to my love Megan!! Stay cute babe

@UniverseBYU: Anonymous V-day S/O to @KVN_03: “I’d love you forever even if you weren’t famous.”

@annaface: @UniverseBYU Dear Kelly Haight, your bright blonde hair and enchanting smile will one day help you sweep a man off his feet. Never give up!

@kthehanson: @amygaughran Roses are red, violets are blue. I suck at poems, but I love you!  @UniverseBYU

@olivesrock3: @universebyu I had the BIGGEST crush on my Bio130 TA last semester but I was too afraid to say anything. This one’s for you Trevor Hendricks

@dscotthbyu: @universeBYU In honor of Single Awareness Day, I plan to play Red Rover, Red Rover with any couples I see holding hands today.

@stinko_man_: @UniverseBYU the girl I was planning on asking out brought a guy to class today. Next time maybe? #win

@cfeingirl: @UniverseBYU Happy Valentine’s Day! The Beetles said it best: All you need is love.

@elisabeth116: @UniverseBYU Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you, reading this. You should ask him/her out. This is a sign. #ValentinesDay

@cassfein: @UniverseBYU Happy Valentine’s Day! Make sure to send all your lovin’ to your friends and valentines.

@jimlaw90: #loveonvalentines  @UniverseBYU this video was made by one of our own. Show support please retweet!

Via email ():

Stacy Mitchell,

I want you to know of my deep admiration for your great fashion sense. However, I do not think my watch is necessary to complete your outfits, no matter how classy it may be. Please refrain from stealing it again. Meet me on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week at the same time and place. Yours truly, Samuel Baker

Dearest Kayla,

I met you in the microwave line when you asked about my AFROTC uniform. We had an amazing conversation, even if I did get lost in your eyes. Once I realized I wanted your number, your noodles were done and you were gone. Come find me and give me your number! I still go to the microwave every Wednesday after class at 1 pm. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kayla!

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