The Strike brings a unique sound to Provo


Using a variety of instruments is The Strike’s way to set themselves apart from other local bands.

Since The Strike’s formation, they have focused on using instruments that are not common in today’s well-known genres. The use of brass instruments adds a funky retro flavor to their music and sets them apart from other local musicians.

Josie Nielson, a senior at BYU, studied with a few of the band’s members in the music program at BYU.

“I think their use of instruments is really innovative,” Nielson said. “It’s very different than the typical band that you see performing around here, but I think it’s very interesting because they definitely have a funk vibe to their music with the trombone, the trumpet and the saxophone. I love that they’ve incorporated that into the mix.”

Nielson also mentioned that Chris Crabb, the lead singer, brings a lot of energy to the stage and uses that stage presence to involve the audience and make the show fun and interesting.

Before The Strike’s formation, Crabb and Jake Justice, the pianist, played for weddings and corporate events, performing mostly covers.

The Strike played on local CBS affiliate KUTV’s morning show. (Courtesy Randall Castillo)

“We decided one day that we wanted to start writing our own music,” Justice said. “So we sporadically started making phone calls and found some band members.”

They ended up with nine members of the group, each specializing in their own instrument and style, and now have seven band members. After only one practice, The Strike performed at their first gig in September 2012.

“The reason it came together so fast is because everyone in the band is well-seasoned and experienced,” Justice said. “It’s great because everyone is talented and creative with their instruments. We all get along very well so we are open to each other’s ideas, and I think that’s what makes us unique.”

There is a different and unique sound to The Strike’s music because the varying use of instruments showcases a different sound.

“The idea that we’re going for is a unique sound that blends rock, funk and a jazzy undertone but is also something that is accessible to a mainstream audience,” Justice said.

Randall Castillo, a BYU graduate, was at the band’s first show.

“What people don’t realize is that they do like things with that jazzy undertone,” Castillo said. “Just give it a chance and you’ll love it.”

Castillo immediately offered his services to the group and was asked to take pictures and video. Shortly after, he became the band’s manager and has become highly involved with the group.

“It was something that I really wanted to be a part of right away,” Castillo said. “The goal of a live performance is to have a fun time. People in Provo want to go to a show, have a good time and walk away smiling, and that is something The Strike can provide.”

Since the group’s formation, they have played in venues in Utah County, but they are currently using paid gigs as a way to raise money and get their music outside of Utah. They are focusing on putting some tracks together to release their first EP.

“We are trying to get all of our ducks in a row,” Castillo said. “But first and foremost is the release of our EP.”

The Strike will be headlining a Valentine’s Day show on Thursday, Feb. 14, at Velour Live Music Gallery.

For more information, visit The Strike’s Facebook page.

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