Weekly five: Alternatives to Valentine’s Day


Whether it’s roses and chocolates or chick-flicks and a half gallon of ice cream, everyone knows when February comes around it means one thing: Valentine’s Day. However, for those out there who aren’t in the romantic mood there are other significant events one can celebrate on this declared “day of love.”

1. Oregon becomes the 33rd State

For every Oregonian, Feb. 14 is a cause for celebration. Before becoming a state, the area that today is known as Oregon was part of the Oregon Territory. In 1859, Oregon became part of the Union.

Felicia Zandonatti, an industrial design major from Sisters, Ore., shared what she’ll be doing to celebrate this special day for her state.

“I’m going to celebrate by buying everyone chocolate and saying it’s from Oregon,” Zandonatti said. “I’m just going tell everyone I’m from Oregon that day and hug a tree.” 

Not from Oregon? Find an Oregonian friend and celebrate with them! There’s enough love to go around for the Beaver state.

2. Aretha Franklin records “Respect”

In 1967, Aretha Franklin walked into Atlantic Records in New York City to record one of the greatest songs about, what else? R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Everyone wants a little respect, so why not celebrate the day this hit song was made? Let the Queen of Soul amaze you with her vocals, and show her some respect by downloading the song on your iPod. (A tip: put it on constant replay; it’s worth it.)

3. Library Lover’s Day

Students frequent the library a lot, but besides being filled with study areas and old science books, the library offers a lot more than the eye can see. Library Lover’s Day is the perfect excuse to close the books and wander around the many exhibits and activities the library has.

Megan Bird works at the science reference desk at the HBLL and is a public health major. She said she thinks Library Lover’s Day is a great way to encourage students to come and check out the library and its various resources and activities.

“We have a lot of resources here,” Bird said. “It’s a good way to get people to come.”

Learn something new from the many exhibits at the Harold B. Lee Library or head over to the Provo City Library and get your own library card.

4. League of Women Voters Day

While Liz Lemon from “30 Rock” might have been the only person who celebrated this important day last year, students can join her this time by celebrating the League of Women Voters Day. It’s a day to celebrate.

Madison Fox, a public health major from Colorado, expressed her love for Liz Lemon’s fabulous idea of celebrating such an empowering day for women and men voters.

“Instead of watching chick-flicks, I think celebrating League of Women Voters’ Day is a better way to spend my Valentine’s Day,” Fox said. “Liz Lemon was on the right track.”

The League of Women Voters of Utah is active in the Utah State Senate. For more information regarding the league go to lwvutah.org.

5. National Organ Donor Day

Now there’s more of a reason to celebrate body organs on Feb. 14: have a heart and save some lives. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 116,992 people nationwide are waiting for an organ donation.

In order to learn more about this worthwhile cause, visit yesutah.org

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