BYU hockey trounces decimated Boise State team

BYU hockey defeated Boise State on both Friday and Saturday. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

The Boise State men’s hockey team showed little defense while BYU riddled its net with shots, securing the Cougars’ first wins of the season as they beat the Broncos 7–1 on Friday and 11–1 on Saturday.

Both teams lacked in numbers. Four BYU players sat out due to injury and academic probation and as many as six Boise State players left Provo early for undisclosed reasons.

“It feels good to get the monkey off our back,” head coach Jeremy Weiss said, celebrating the team’s success. “This weekend we were on the good end of some lucky bounces.”

The wins come as a major relief to the coaches and players after going almost an entire season without winning.

“We came out and just took it to them,” defender Nick Bartholomew said. “It was nice for a change.”

Forward Mio Aura felt the team could learn from the games to prepare for the season closer next week as well as for future games.

“I think one thing taken from this week is we can play, we can score,” Aura said. “It’s better for the next season coming along. You get a lot more confidence.”

The Cougars hockey team also thanked the fans for their support.

“Our fans have been phenomenal,” Weiss said. “To have a fan base that continues to support us through thick and thin is just incredible. As the team progresses, hopefully we’ll continue to be worthy of that support.”

BYU finishes their season next week against U of U at the Seven Peaks Ice Arena. In their last meeting, Utah defeated the Cougars 12-1.

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