Military and Boy Scouts may have major changes in homosexual policies


As the Boy Scouts consider allowing individual troops to decide their policy on accepting gay members and leaders, the military is ready to extend some benefits to same-sex marriage partners.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which sponsors Boy Scout troops in its congregations, published a website making clear the Church’s stance on homosexuality. The Church has not said whether or not it would allow homosexuals to be a part of its Boy Scout troops.

Members of troops, parents, and others prayed that the Boy Scouts of America would continue to keep their policy of excluding gay scouts and scoutmasters. (AP Photo)

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts have post-poned their decision of whether or not to change their policy; however, discussion continues among religious and political leaders, as well as parents and former scouts.

NPR reported:

As leaders of the Boy Scouts of America meet in Irving, Texas to consider whether local troops should be allowed to have gay members and leaders, there’s breaking news about a related issue:

“The military is poised to extend some benefits to the same-sex partners of service members,”U.S. officials told The Associated Press Tuesday. According to the wire service, “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has not made a final decision on which benefits will be included, the officials said, but the Pentagon is likely to allow same-sex partners to have access to the on-base commissary and other military subsidized stores, as well as some health and welfare programs.”

For more information, including the radio spot, see the full article.

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