Homeless women get pampered for the day


SALT LAKE CITY — This has been a severe Utah winter filled with icy temperatures, hazardous air and harsh conditions. Many people face the weather for a few minutes a day, bustling between their home and car, but for the homeless there is no escape.

Juniper Desert Spa line owner Crystal George took matters into her own hands to help.

Salt Lake City resident Faith Shehorn admires her hands after a spa treatment. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

An event on Friday, Jan. 25, at the Volunteers of America’s Homeless Youth Resource Center gave homeless women a break from the monotony of daily survival.

George and her team of health students brought plenty of natural, healing products to help ease some of the consequences these women physically face from living outdoors. She wanted to let these women who have fallen on hard times know there is hope and they can feel good.

“My message is that you should always take care of yourself, and doing so will go a long way. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself is what it means to be beautiful,” George said.

A room in the drop-in shelter was full of stations where girls were able to go to different volunteers and receive treatments such as sugar scrubs, hand massages, manicures and treatments for cuts and bruises. The homeless women were also able to get some educational information on how to better take care of themselves in these harsh conditions, as well as take some Juniper Desert supplies with them.

“I have been really concerned about those who live out on the streets and have to face this weather day in and day out, so I thought why not bring some of my natural stuff down to them, pamper them and teach them how to use it,” George said.

This shelter sees about 50 women a day, and George invited them all to come enjoy this special event. One of the women who did take advantage of this rare moment was Faith Shehorn, a 22-year-old woman who has been homeless for nearly seven years.

“I don’t get to be pampered, especially like that, very often. I usually just clean my nails out with a pocket knife and use lotion. My hands feel so much better,” Shehorn said.

She expressed her sincere gratitude to George by repeatedly saying “thank you” as she and about 20 other women enjoyed the event.

George said she would love to continue to do events like this as long as she financially is able to.

“I like to be able to share what we do best and show these women that the community does care,” George said.

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