BYU hockey short-benched, loses to Utah

A BYU forward struggles for the puck against two Utah defenders in a game last season at Seven Peaks.

Sickness, injury and eligibility complications impeded six of the Cougars from participating in Friday night’s hockey game.

The BYU hockey team lost to the University of Utah 12-1 in Salt Lake City.

“We were down some players so it was a little bit more difficult,” defender Scott Johnson said.

The Cougars were so short-handed that goalie Dalton Spice played forward while backup goalie Tanton Jeppson replaced him in the net.

BYU was slow to adjust to the shortage of players but managed to play competitively toward the end of the game.

The Cougars scored once and let only one goal through during the third period.

“The third period was possibly our best period of the season,” head coach Jeremy Weiss said.

The Cougars will play the Weber State University Wildcats next Friday, Feb. 8, in the Seven Peaks Ice Arena.

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