Super Bowl fever


The Super Bowl is just around the corner and students are getting excited for the big game. Many people are making plans for the highly anticipated game between San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Neither team has been to the Super Bowl in over a decade. The Baltimore Ravens last appeared in 2000.

“I’m rooting for the Ravens,” said Jennifer Sevarino, a BYU-Idaho graduate from Maryland. “I’m excited they made it this year. I don’t have any formal plans for the Super Bowl, but I hope my hometown team wins.”

Fans are excited for football’s biggest game of the year. (Photo by Sam Yoshida)

49ers fans have had to wait even longer. The last time the 49ers were in a Super Bowl was when former BYU quarterback, Steve Young, helped the team hoist the Lombardi trophy in 1995.

“It’s about time,” said Braden Hellewell, a devoted 49ers fan. “It makes all of those years feel worth it to have not deserted my team. I am now going to parties for the actual game rather than just the party.”

While watching the game is obviously what the Super Bowl is about, many are just as excited for the social aspect of all the parties taking place.

“My family was only into college football growing up,” said Ethan Call, a student studying geospatial intelligence. “So I’m excited to be watching the game and going to a Super Bowl party.”

“I love the environment of the Super Bowl,” said Rachel Reeves. “Everyone is always asking, ‘What are you doing for the Super Bowl?’ and trying to see where all the parties are.” Reeves explained that her mother didn’t really approve of her family watching sports on Sunday so they didn’t get to see the Super Bowl often on live TV. Now that she is away from home she’s glad that the remote control is now in her hands.

But for some people, the Super Bowl is a sour note to end their weekend.

“I have to work on Sunday when we normally are closed,” Chantel Spretz, a recent BYU graduate, said. Spretz works at Papa John’s. Papa John’s is doing a large promotional offer during the Super Bowl.

While there are positives and negatives about the Super Bowl, everyone can agree that it’s a big Sunday that will be hard to ignore, and whether it’s the teams, parties or commercials, one can expect to have a great time.

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