Start-up company offers alternate approach to TV streaming


A start-up company called Tivli offers cable-like TV subscriptions to several colleges that sign up for the service. Harvard and Yale are among the colleges using Tivli.

Tuan Ho, left, and Nick Krasney, founders of Tivli. (Photo courtesy The New York Times)

Tivli uses a cable model for their subscriptions, but streams to tablets and laptops to cater to the younger generation.

The New York Times recently reported on this new approach to TV streaming.

This ability… may be part of the answer to a conundrum for the television industry. Young people watch less TV than they used to, and some say they do not see the point of an expensive cable or satellite subscription. That could chip away at the profits of cable companies like Comcast and programmers like HBO.

Read the full New York Times article here.

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