Provo weather taking a toll on students

Students continue to brave the winter weather. Recent snowstorms now have Provo at 57 inches. (Photo by Stephanie Lacy)

The weather is starting to take its toll on BYU students as the snow just keeps on coming.

According to, the area usually gets around 60 inches of snow per year; however, this year Provo has already received 57 inches of snow.

Many BYU students said the weather is having a negative effect on their attitudes.

“I try to have a positive attitude, but it’s hard in the winter,” said Adam Hall, a BYU student from Arizona.”I usually go to the gym in the morning, but with the ground so slippery I don’t want to drive.”

Chloe Ith, a BYU student from Singapore, said the weather is making her crave hot food and sleep.

“When it’s cold I think about food,” Ith said. “I just want to eat hot food all the time and don’t want to go outside. To be honest, sometimes it makes me a bit miserable. I just want to sleep all the time.”

Throughout campus many students are having a hard time making it to class due to not wanting to brave the snowy weather conditions.

“I am more prone to be sad when the sun doesn’t come out for days,” said Hilary Dalton, a BYU student from Colorado. “I don’t enjoy going outside as much. I like how it looks, but it’s hard to drive in.”

Last week for the first time in years, Provo experienced freezing rain, which resulted in the campus authorities sending out an email to students and faculty. The email advised faculty to be understanding of student absences in class due to the extreme weather conditions.

The same day the Salt Lake Airport shut down for several hours due to the runways being too slick for planes to use.

For the next week, the weather forecast says that there is a chance of snow every day except for Friday, with the high only at 40 degrees the entire week.

Forecasters are predicting this might be the worst winter in the last three years.

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