Super Bowl food and traditions


Heated play-by-plays, snack foods, hilarious commercials and social gatherings are anticipated as Sunday approaches.

Whether it be for the commercials, the game or the treats, excitement always surrounds Super Bowl Sunday.

DJ Payton, a history major at the University of Utah, explained that he rarely has the same Super Bowl experience. He said he is always the person people invite to their Super Bowl party. He said he usually accepts an invitation from people who have chips, carne asada, guacamole and a party.

When choosing which party to go to, Payton said he looks for intense activites.

“I like when there are celebrations for touchdowns,” Payton said. “I remember going to a party where we would pick the score and place a nickle or dime bet on what the score would be after the first quarter, after the second quarter, and so on.”

Payton also said he enjoys the commercials and looks up his favorite commericals on Hulu the next day.

Students anticipate social gatherings for the Super Bowl game. (Photo Chris Bunker)

Janae Christensen, a psychology major studying at UVU, said the commercials are her favorite part of the Super Bowl.

“They are so funny,” Christensen said. “I usually hate commericials, but Super Bowl commercials are hilarious.”

Christensen said she also looks forward to the half-time show. Christensen said she likes the performer to be a classic.

“I like the half-time show to not be the most current on-hit wonder,” Christensen said. “It should be rock or an established artist.”

Football, commercials, the half-time show and competition are all important aspects to the Super Bowl, but for some, the social aspect is most important.

Katie Clark, a BYU student from Ohio, said she likes her party to be fairly small, and snacks are a big part of her Super Bowl routine.

“It’s fun getting together with friends,” Clark said. “We usually have pizza, little smokies and chips and dip.”

One student from Cedar City gets really creative in her Super Bowl snacks. Jamie Ericksen explained that although she isn’t a huge Super Bowl fan, she made a fun treat last year for her husband and friends.

“We decided to do chocolate-covered strawberries with white piping that made them look like little footballs,” Ericksen said.

Ericksen said they were so popular she might even make a tradition out of it.

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