Kennecott Copper pledges free UTA TRAX passes on bad air days

A poor air quality sign is posted over a highway Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo)

Smog now has some benefits thanks to Kennecott Copper Mine. As part of its pledge to reduce emissions, Kennecott is offering free UTA passes on days with red air quality.

Red air quality, according to the federal government’s Air Quality Index, is defined as an environment in which,”everyone may begin to experience some adverse health effects, and members of the sensitive groups may experience more serious effects.”

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has a free email system that will alert members on unhealthy air days, which is particularly helpful for those susceptible to lung problems such as children and the elderly. They also have an air monitoring center that animates the changes in air quality over time and specific locations. These tools can help passengers get their free day pass.

Kennecott hopes that this initiative will clear up Utah’s air by reducing idle time and encouraging telecommuting by using the UTA TRAX system.

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