BYU hockey loses to Weber State, Utah State


The BYU hockey team raised a few eyebrows during its Friday and Saturday night games against Weber State and Utah State but lost to both teams.

The Cougars lost a tight 8-5 game to the Weber State University Wildcats on Friday and then fell to the Aggies in a 12-2 blowout on Saturday.

Head coach Jeremy Weiss said he thought the team’s performance against WSU was good, despite the loss.

BYU lost to Weber State University on Friday and Utah State on Saturday. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

“Even though it’s tough to lose a game I thought was winnable, I was proud of our performance, especially offensively,” Coach Weiss said. “They’re a good team. They’re ranked fifth in the West.”

BYU was missing forward Mitch Facer, who has been out due to an injury suffered during the first practice.

“I’m hoping that (Mitch) can make it back next week,” Weiss said. “He’s the kind of player that brings a lot of intensity to the game.”

Some of the more inexperienced BYU players saw the spotlight on Saturday against the Aggies. Defenseman Robert Peterson only let two goals through on his watch and contributed to one of BYU’s goals.

“He was just doing his job and doing it very well,” Coach Weiss said.

The Cougars’ loss against USU was primarily because “things that went wrong in the WSU game were just magnified in the USU game,” according to Coach Weiss.

The Cougars will play against the Wildcats again on Friday and Saturday at Seven Peaks Arena.

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