Steve Stucki releases fourth album at Velour


Local musician Steven Stucki released his fourth album during a sold-out, live release show at Velour Live Music Gallery on Friday, Jan. 11.

Stucki, a BYU student from American Fork, has been writing songs since 2004. In 2011 Cade Tueller (bass and back up vocals) and Cory Beighley (drums) joined Stucki, giving his music new power. For Stucki, music has always been a way to express his feelings and deepest emotions, and the new album will be more personal than previous ones.

The name “Hip & Nerve” represents two parts of life: hip represents its physical part and nerve its emotional and mental side. Stucki and his band worked on the album for more than a year and a half.

“All these songs were written during one of the most difficult year of my life, but I still love writing music,” Stucki said. “It’s a great outlet for me to express myself.”

Many events during that time inspired songs for the new album. His worry about his little sister, who suffered depression at that time, inspired the song “Innocent.” Stucki wrote “Lullaby,” another tender song on “Hip & Nerve,” for his future children. There are another 10 songs in the album. In the past, the band recorded several EPs with songs which are now included in the full studio album

“We are way excited for it, and people seem to be pretty excited for it too,” Stucki said. And it is true: all 250 pre-sale tickets sold out before the show.

Drummer Cade Tueller shares the experience of creating the new album:

“It was a lot of fun recording the album; Steve and I got creative with a lot of the parts in the studio,” Tueller said.

Joseph Wood, a junior studying neuroscience at BYU, first heard Stucki’s music three years ago and has been listening ever since. He said watching Steven Stucki perform is an incredible experience and he has never seen anyone perform with such emotion and power.

“Even if it wasn’t good music I would still go to his concerts,” Wood said. “But Steven is really talented, the way he expresses his feelings is incredible. He is very personable, and I can relate a lot to his songs.”

“Hip & Nerve” along with Stucki’s previous albums, can be found on iTunes.

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