Obama pushes for gun control with 23 executive orders


President Obama unveiled the gun control policies by initiating 23 separate executive orders that will help prevent future gun violence in the United States.

Vice President Joe Biden opened Obama’s press conference Jan. 16 by stating that it is Congress’ “moral obligation” to make sure something like the shooting in Newtown, Conn., doesn’t happen again. Biden also said that it took a hefty amount of people to decide what can be done to prevent future attacks. He believes Obama’s proposal can be effective if action occurs.

Obama began the gun proposal by saying, “Protecting our children shouldn’t be divisive,” and that keeping our kids safe should be the first task in society.

Obama proposed, effective immediately, that there must be a “universal background check for anyone buying a gun.” Obama also urged Congress to put a “ban on sale of assault weapons” and restrict the size of magazines people can purchase.

Of the executive orders, one was to “commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations,” regulating gun sales to the mentally impaired. Obama believes that being “tougher on people who buy guns” will make it more difficult for criminals to have access to guns.

“We must act now,” Obama said. He stressed the importance of the American people in implementing the planned proposal to ensure that future gun-related attacks be prevented.

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