Provo Buy Low goes out of business


The Provo Buy Low opened for the last time on Jan. 12, 2013, which disappointed many customers who loved the store’s good deals and prices.

Jim McCaleb, the manager of the store, wasn’t available for comment to give a reason why the store was closing, but BYU students have expressed that they will miss the store for the different deals and services they offer.

Chalese Adams, a junior from Chubbuck, Idaho, would go to Buy Low to get meat and produce.

“I don’t really know where I’m going to find my produce anymore. It was such a good deal, I don’t know if I could justify going somewhere else,” Adams said.

Adams’ favorite deals were the deals she could get on apples, oranges and avocados.

Adams is not the only student who will miss Buy Low. Benjamin Crabtree, 21, a sophomore studying industrial design, said he will miss the grill inside the store where he could buy a hamburger, fries and a drink for $2.99. But this is not the only thing he will miss.

“I will miss their hamburgers, watermelon juice, cantaloupe juice, friendly service, good deals on produce and especially money orders,” Crabtree said.

Shi Luo, 22, a sophomore studying biochemistry, also said he will miss the money orders he could get at the bank inside the store because they were useful for paying the rent and were free on Tuesdays.

Frankie Finan, 22, a sophomore from Lewisburg, Pa., said there was a Buy Low near his hometown that also went out of business right before his mission.

“My parents shopped there more than I did. They liked buying deli meats and cold cuts. They said it was cheap,” Finan said.

While the Buy Low of Provo is going out of business, students are hopeful a new grocery store will take its place.

“The one near where I lived re-opened as a grocery store but with a different name, so maybe it will re-open as something else,” Finan said.

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