Police Beat



Jan. 12 University Police responded when it was reported that an individual refused to leave a Heritage Halls apartment upon request.

Animal Problem

Jan. 5 A deer got caught in a metal fence at the Deseret Towers Fields, resulting in compound fractures in both hind legs.  A University police officer dispatched the deer with his sidearm.


Jan. 1 A hamper was taken from a laundry facility.

Jan. 9 At the library, a laptop was reported stolen after being left unattended.

Jan. 10 An individual was caught shoplifting from the Bookstore. This individual was cited and released.

Jan. 11 An unlocked bicycle was reported being taken from Harris Fine Arts Center area.

Jan. 12 A purse and its contents were reported stolen at the Wilkinson Student Center.





Vehicular Burglary

Dec. 20 A purse was taken from a vehicle parked in Lot 43. Fraudulent charges were made on a credit card taken from the purse.

Jan. 10 Another vehicle in Lot 52 was entered and money taken.  The owner is unsure if the vehicle was locked at the time.

Jan. 10 A vehicle in parking Lot 52 was broken into and electronics were taken.  The owner could not verify if the vehicle had been locked.


Traffic Offense

Dec. 28 A vehicle was reported spinning “donuts” in a snow covered parking lot. The driver was given a warning.

Criminal Mischief

Dec. 9 Mirrors in a Helaman Halls men’s restroom were egged and shower curtains were stuffed into the toilets.  Custodians were called for clean-up.

Dec. 13 Sand was poured into toilets in a Helaman Halls restroom.   BYU Housing was notified.

Jan. 09 A custodian reported damage to ceiling tiles at Helaman Halls.




Dec. 12 An individual was reported looking in windows at Wymount Terrace.  University Police responded but did not locate the suspect.  Nighttime patrols in the area have been increased.

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