On the stands: Relationships, football, contest winners and human trafficking


A new issue of The Universe hits the stands every Tuesday. Pick up the Jan. 15 paper to read these stories and more:

Technology in relationships: A benefit or a hindrance? Technology is a double-edged sword that can enhance, maintain and build relationships or contribute to more complacent communication. At BYU, technology has had a profound effect on dating and family connections.

‘A Day in the Life of BYU‘: The Universe announces and features the winners of its “A Day in the Life” contest. Look inside for top editors’ picks and most popular favorites.

BYU students fight global issue of human trafficking: Human trafficking is found in all countries of the world, despite the fact that it is illegal everywhere. A group of passionate BYU students joined together in 2009 to fight this issue and have been working with nonprofit groups to raise both awareness about the issue and funds to fight it.

Pay-for-play scheduling leads to lopsided winsIn the coming years BYU football will take on more of an underdog role as it faces tougher schedules that feature opponents like Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Virginia. The Cougars will be paid for the chance to play in these historic locations, but they do so with risk to the school’s reputation and to the players’ health. Will it be worth it?

Movie ratings here, internationally and tomorrowMovie ratings are a helpful tool in choosing which movies to watch and which movies to avoid, but occasionally their conclusions can be rather intriguing.

New Provo recreation center to open in 2013The project has been in the works for more than 10 years, although construction began in September 2011. The new facility includes tennis, racquetball and basketball courts, an indoor pool as well as an open access skate park. The city expects to receive the building from the construction company in March and open the doors in April.

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