Desert Star Playhouse opens new season with culture-approved comedy


Fantasy meets pop culture in a new, original and culture-appropriate comedy opening at Desert Star Playhouse in Murray.

“Killing the Hobbit: Bored of the Rings” introduces Walter, a collector of action figures and “The Lord of the Rings” movies. When Walter’s fiancée returns her ring and ends their engagement by claiming he spends too much time living in a fantasy world, he must prove his love on an “unexpected journey” through Middle-Earth.

On his adventure, Walter encounters characters such as Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, Princess Leia, Hillary Clinton and Ken Jennings.

Richie T. Steadman is a 12-year veteran of the Desert Star Playhouse. He is one of two who will portray Ken Jennings in the show.

“Ken Jennings, right?” Steadman asked. “Expect Ken Jennings. Expect every bit that you’ve learned to know and love about Ken Jennings.”

For those who don’t know, Steadman explained that Ken Jennings is a local celebrity.

“Not only did he win a couple million dollars in Jeopardy … but if you follow him on Twitter or you’ve read his book he just released in December, (you’ll know) he is a very witty person,” Steadman stated.

As far as the script and the other characters are concerned, Steadman suggests that it will be appropriate and entertaining for all ages.

“It’s really family-friendly, date-friendly,” Steadman said. “It plays to the audience that’s here in Utah.”

The show runs through March 23, and tickets are available via Desert Star Playhouse’s website.

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