New year and new teammates for BYU hockey


The BYU hockey team hopes to bring a new style of play to the rink this year after gaining new members and welcoming back players who have recovered from injuries.

BYU will face off against San Diego State University on Friday. The game is a result of a change to the original scheduled game against Utah State University.

I think fans will be excited to see a faster, more precise brand of hockey,” Head Coach Jeremy Weiss said. “This is a game that should be winnable if we play our systems.”

After a tough semester in 2012, Weiss said he expects new players to fill in the gaps to provide a better offensive production. The new teammates include forward C.J. Coslett and goaltenders Dalton Spice and Tanton Jeppsen.

Coslett is one of the team’s top three goal scorers, alongside forwards Mio Aura and Chris Tuttle. Aura recently recovered from an injury where he shattered his jawbone in a game during the past semester.

Their positions require excellent offensive skill and precise operation, and Coach Weiss stated his excitement for a better offense.

“There’s an art to it and we’ll be looking to those three for consistent offensive production,” Weiss said.

Team captain Tanner Billingsley also expressed excitement for the game this weekend.

“We’ve added players that are going to give us instant energy,” he said. “I think we’re going to turn a lot of heads this semester.”

Goaltenders Dalton Spice and Tanton Jeppsen are expected to be valuable additions to the team as well. While Spice holds more experience, Coach Weiss said, “Jeppsen is very agile and he moves well in the net.”

Weiss also stated he will rely on current goaltenders Ted Piorczynski and Emma Seymour to provide stable backup because it may take time for the new teammates to settle in with the team.

The Cougars will face the Aztecs on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Seven Peaks Arena in Provo. SDSU ranks tenth in the Western Region, while BYU ranks eleventh.

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