The ROC, Twitter and Missionary Preparation at BYU


    Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Universe. The new issue will bring you back up to speed on what’s going on as you come out of your daily-home-cooked-meals coma. Here is a a taste of what you’ll find:

    Students adapt to the “ROC”: Discover how students are adjusting to the new student section in the Marriott Center and why it’s called the ROC.

    Social media usher in new era for sports: With the end of football season and basketball season underway, fans, players and news reporters are busy tweeting. But is social media good or bad for sports?

    Hundreds still on waitlist for Missionary Preparation course despite doubling seats available: There are 1,913 seats already filled, but how many people are still on the waitlist?

    University Police make technological changes across campus: Ever accidentally called the police? Or pushed the emergency button in an elevator? Read about how University Police is making changes to make campus safer.

    Make a difference — Buy locally: Read about how local businesses, like Mountain West Burrito and Communal, are making a difference by using food grown locally.

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