Ups and downs of New Year resolutions


Health resolutions are easy to make, but keeping them is a different story.

Health-related resolutions might be the hardest resolutions to stick to. states there are many ways to help achieve a fitness goal, and being realistic is necessary. AJ Griffin, a Psychology student, wants to be realistic and admitted he didn’t make resolutions this year. Instead he vowed to keep the same work out routine as last year.

“I just try to keep in shape,” Griffin said. 

Griffin might only need to exercise to keep in shape, but sometimes others feel the need to set more rules and standards in order to keep their resolutions.

“(My resolutions are) eating healthier and not eating out as much,” Kelsey Stout said. “I’ve been to Panda (Panda Express) once already so we’ll see how it goes,” Stout answered regarding her health-related resolutions for 2013.

Stout has incorporated more aerobic activity into her workouts. She sprints and runs instead of limiting herself to working out at the gym.

Katie McDiarmid, an exercise science major, ran a half marathon last year and is looking to raise the bar. Preparing to run a full marathon is on her resolution list for this year and so far she feels she has done a good job.

“At first when I was training last year I was just doing it a few days, but now it’s everyday,” McDiarmid said.

Bill Wright, a cannon center employee, wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon. His routine consists of running three days a week and lifting weights two days a week. Benching 225 lbs four times, losing ten pounds and getting the beginnings of a six pack are some of his resolutions.

“The one (resolution) I struggle with is the food,” Wright said. “I ate five giant Reeses Peanut Butter candy bars last week and I gained two pounds. I’ve got to make some goals there, I’m going to get one candy bar and eat it every three days, that for me is pretty good.”

Keeping resolutions might be hard, but when people commit, it isn’t impossible. Tracking progress, talking about it and sticking to it are all important for keeping resolutions year long.


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