Movies guaranteed to give you some Christmas spirit


Thanksgiving has come and gone, the semester is winding down, tree lots are springing up and Christmas is less than a month away.

In the midst of finals, or once back at home snuggled on the family couch, there are several movies students say will bring home the Christmas spirit and spice up the night with a little holiday humor.

The first Christmas movie to get you into the spirit of giving and love for all, is the classic Jimmy Stewart film “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

“It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies because it embodies what Christmas is all about, and also American values,” Michelle Burgess, from the Washington D.C. area, said.

Burgess said she loves how the movie teaches the importance of putting family and friends first and giving up your own wants for those of others.

Andy Evans, a criminal justice major from Idaho, said his favorite Christmas movie is “The Grinch.”

“Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors and he plays the role of the Grinch really well,” Evans said.

Evans said it’s a great movie for getting into the Christmas spirit because even though the Grinch hated Christmas, once he sees the joy of Christmas and of being with loved-ones, his heart is changed and he celebrates with the Whos down in Who-ville.

While the Grinch learned the joy of being together with loved ones on Christmas, Kevin McCallister learned the fun of being “Home Alone.”

Amanda Morrell, a junior from Elk Ridge ,said this is one of her favorites because it’s a family tradition.

“‘Home Alone’ is one of my favorite Christmas movies because when I was little we would always watch it after Thanksgiving and again a few days before Christmas because it’s super funny,” Morrell said.

Morrell said she loves the movie not only because it’s a family tradition to watch it each year, but also because of the Christmas feeling throughout the movie and the constant comedy of Harry and Marv getting beaten up.

Perhaps the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear… Pre-med student Dustin Davenport’s favorite Christmas flick is “Elf.”

“I just love ‘Elf’ because it’s a melting pot of humor, Christmas spirit and syrup,” Dustin Davenport, from Payson said.

Davenport loves the story of Buddy trying to find himself and the funny things that happen along the way. His favorite scene is when Buddy gets his father “a special something for a special someone.” Perhaps a reviewing will be necessary to remember that scene.

But Buddy’s dad isn’t the only one who got a special something for Christmas. No one tells the story of a kid’s anticipation for a specific present like Ralphie does in “A Christmas Story.”

Mitch Winters, an exercise science student from Yakima, Wash., said he watches the film every year and loves it because it reminds him of his own childhood.

“I remember really wanting certain gifts growing up, and there were some years when I got those gifts and I was really happy just like Ralphie was, and there were years where I didn’t get what I wanted and I was pretty disappointed,” Winters said.

So while students finish out the semester and battle through finals, there’s at least the respite of a few Christmas movies that are guaranteed to bring them some Christmas joy.



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