Joshua James releases new album at two-night concert series at Velour


Joshua James released his album “From the Top of Willamette Mountain” in a two night concert series at Velour Live Music Gallery.

The sold out show highlighted popular pieces from James’ newest album and connected audiences to popular members of the Provo music scene, such as Timothy George of Timmy the Teeth, Brinton Jones of the Devil Whale and Isaac Russell.

Timothy George said playing alongside James was inspiring.

“To say that I’m not influenced by the band and the music would simply not be true,” George said. “That being said, my music comes from my very personal life experiences, so as Josh has influenced my understanding of music quality, the songs I write come from situations and stories that I have been through.”

George played solo at personal request of James. Timmy the Teeth did not play because the event’s purpose was to highlight James’ release of “From the Top of Willamette Mountain.”

“Josh had a great show planned for the audience,” George said. “He asked that I perform a few songs acoustically to set the ambiance for the evening. Timmy the Teeth is my first focus and priority, but this is a great way to share my music. I’m appreciative of the chance to play a few songs solo.”

George played songs from his album “White Horse,” which was released and produced by Joshua James a few months back.

Brinton Jones of the Devil Whale also performed solo at the concert on Wednesday. He was asked to play solo to keep the structure relatively simple. He was one of two short solo sets before Joshua James took the stage when the lights went down.

Jones has known James for years now and considers him as one of his close ‘old dog’ friends. Jones said he and James share common influences for writing music.

“I admire the hell out of him, his work ethic, his intensity, his productivity,” Jones said. “As I’ve gotten a bit older, I think I draw less influence from my favorite records, and more from the positive influence of admirable friends. In that way, Joshua has certainly influenced me.”

Jones said he was certainly excited to participate. He said he has a tremendous appreciation for James and his music. He said he loves James’ new record, and is genuinely happy and honored to have played a small role in it’s release.

Jones played tunes from the latest batch of songs he’s been writing. He said they were all new, and because of that, they are subject to later change or even be terminated.

Isaac Russell, current bassist for Joshua James played solo at this event. He said he agreed to it as a way to blackmail James. He said one of James’ goats did something that he doesn’t want people hearing about.

But it’s all in good fun. Russell said he and James are good friends, better lovers.

“Playing with James has been good, I guess he has influenced me,” Russell said. “Everything I do and everyone I meet influences me. So I suppose his work has rubbed off on me. At least that’s what they say. And they, after all, do not lie often.”

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