Business Insider ranks BYU Law School in top 50


“Business Insider” recently surveyed law professionals to see which schools they thought were the best law schools in the U.S. BYU Law School proudly came in at number 34.

Scott Cameron, assistant dean of external communications at BYU Law School, said the Law School hires qualified professors and admits the best students in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness.

“Law schools are measured by the strength of their faculty and the quality of the students they attract,” Cameron said. “To ensure its competitiveness, the BYU Law School continues to hire well-qualified professors and continues to admit strong students.”

Cameron said the quality of faculty, administration and students are what makes the BYU Law School appealing.

“Students should be attracted to BYU Law School because of the quality of the faculty and student body,” Cameron said. “The members of the school’s Board of Trustees are committed to keeping the cost of legal education at a level where students do not become crippled by student loans.”

Tiffany Siddoway, a first-year law student, said the professors at the BYU Law School provide her with a good education.

“My professors are great,” Siddoway said. “Many of them went to a top-ten law school and graduated at the top of their class. Their teaching methods, while intimidating at first, work well to help the students really learn the material.”

Although in today’s economy many may be worried about  post-graduation employment, Siddoway believes the opportunities are far-reaching.

“BYU has an extensive networking system,” Siddoway said. “The staff work with domestic and international organizations and firms to offer students internship opportunities as well as future jobs. They work with alumni and other groups to secure interviews and set up opportunities for students to meet potential employers.”

Siddoway said her experience at the BYU Law School has been a positive experience.

“My overall experience has been great,” Siddoway said. “I can honestly say I would rather be here than at any other school. The cost of tuition combined with the level of education we are receiving cannot be beat.”

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