Festival of Trees


Christmas is getting a bright and sparkly head start at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy with the annual Festival of Trees.

From lollypops to pumpkins to Mickey Mouse, all kinds of decorations and themes are found on these trees.

Tree donors give these decked out pines to the festival but only after decorating them with their yuletide pride.

Festival Co-Chairwoman Stacey Telford described the process of setting up the pines, “They all come in and it’s a magical day. [The warehouse] goes from this barren cement building to a wonderland that you see.

After the transformation is complete, it’s lights, camera, auction! A silent bidding takes place; bidders come from all over and purchase the trees and the proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Everything that is on and surrounding the tree is included with the purchase. Once the festival is over, the tree is delivered to the home and set up exactly how it looked at the festival.

Though the trees come in different sizes, shapes and colors, each one has a purpose and a meaning.

More than half of the trees have a special reason or person they are dedicated to.

A group of four trees stand as a tribute to a family who passed away in a plane crash, one tree representing each member and decorated with keepsakes.

Festival Co-Chairwoman Kathy Bess expressed what it was like to watch those trees set up, “It was amazing to just stand there with them and to feel the presence of that family there with them as they dedicated their tree.”

These trees represent much more than just the holiday season. They represent children, families and the giving community.

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