Desert Noises releases new vinyl


Desert Noises started off an East Coast tour on Nov. 23 at Velour Live Music Gallery with the release of its seven-inch vinyl “I Won’t See You.”

“I Won’t See You” is a special project Desert Noises has been working on because it’s self-released. Guitarist Kyle Henderson said the band is really proud of it. Listeners can expect to hear a fresh raw sound because it was recorded live.

“The music on the vinyl comes from a variety of inspirations,” Henderson said. “We’re really excited for this release. The only way to get it will be at the shows, so we’re excited for people to come out and see us.”

Tyler Osmond, the bassist, agreed with Henderson about the excitement building around this show.

“We’re excited to see what will come from this line-up,” Osmond said. “We know it’s going to be a great time, but we feel that if we don’t expect too much it makes it even greater. We are just excited to see what we can do and where it will take us.”

The vinyl record has three songs on it: “I Won’t See You,” “Wings of Light” and “Birds.” It will be sold for $10. Henderson said he hopes the proceeds from the show and the vinyl will help offset the cost of the band’s upcoming tour.

Starting in November and continuing until the end of the year, Desert Noises will be touring all along the East Coast.

“We love every moment of playing music,” Osmond said. “We can never know what will happen, so the anxiety is preparation enough. Of course we’re going to keep rehearsing to keep getting our songs tighter and tighter. We’re excited to see what we can do and the response of audiences.”

Desert Noises will tour in cities such as Rochester, N.Y., and swing back as far south as North Carolina. The band has previously toured the East Coast, and Patrick Boyer, guitarist, said the band is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends.

“Life on the road is always changing,” Boyer said. “When we travel, we are constantly assimilating. There’s so much to learn from different parts of the country. Reconnecting with old friends helps make traveling easier. We love playing shows with old friends and making new ones. It especially helps when we know we’ll have a place to stay.”

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