Blog: Bring on the holidays, just not the weight gain


Its that time of year again.  Christmas lights are starting to pop up on houses and stores are showcasing their red and green and gold.  People are constantly shopping, prepping for parties and vacations.  The holidays are nostalgic for being a time when family and friends come together to share gratitude for blessings, but it can also be a time of indulgence and excess. Many websites have tips and tricks for keeping your weight down and health up, especially during the holiday season.

The National Institute of Healthwarns that weight gained during the season, although minimal, can be difficult to lose and can add to subsequent weight gain in the future, especially for people who are already overweight.  As America has started to focus on cutting down on obesity, the holidays can be a tricky time to stay fit.

AP- Healthy Holiday Cookies

Web MD counsels to be prepared when going to parties by eating nutritious snacks beforehand, filling up on water and vegetables and steering clear of the sugar and carbs. Also focusing on party activities instead of the food can fill your night with memories instead of calories.

Cleveland Clinic of Health said that exercise during this time of year was crucial and many people slow down their exercise routines because of the pace of the year but, in reality, exercise is key to keeping metabolism high and sugar levels low. They also advised to steer clear of rich sauces and creamy dips and stick to basics with foods.  Avoiding overeating by making smart eating choices is helpful.

The Huffington Post reports that each year, average human bodies gain a few pounds each year and the majority of those pounds are from holiday foods.  Most people gain about a pound each year- but generally never take the weight off.

The New York Times said that even though weight gain is relatively low, its much higher risk time for overweight people.  They cautioned that the holidays are not simply one day of over-indulgence, but a season of high calorie foods.

The University of Utah said that basic healthy eating tips and exercising is the easiest way to keep off those pounds. Many people blame weight gain during this time of year on high sugar, loaded calories and high in fat foods often served as appetizers or desserts at parties and family get-togethers.

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