Weekly five: Five Christmas gifts you don’t want to miss out on


Christmas is around the corner, and the time has come to whip out the credit cards and cash. Students are heading to malls, department stores, WalMart and Best Buy, looking for that perfect gift to give on the day of joy and good cheer.

There are some gifts students will not want to miss this holiday season — if the wallet allows.

1. iPod Touch or iPad Mini — Following the iPhone 5, Apple Inc. added these two new gadgets to their plethora of must-have toys. The newest iPod Touch includes Siri, improved photo and video capability, larger screen space and a variety of colorful cases. People will feel like they have their own personal iPhone 5, only thinner and without the phone bill. The iPad Mini is another treat for underneath the Christmas tree. The shrunken iPad is small enough for the kids and large enough for the personal reader.

Zoe Smock, a freshman from Pound Ridge, N.Y., said Apple Inc. products are a must-have for under the Christmas tree.

“They’re fun, and I am used to the operating system,” she said. “I am a Mac person, so any kind of Mac technology I am partial to because it is easier to use … and it has a lot of versatility. People in my family use it, so it would be easier to connect.”

2. The token gift card — People always appreciate some extra spending money during the holidays. With sales galore, a gift card is always a good idea. Sizing, return policies and personal preferences are no concern when this reaches the hand of your family member or significant other.

Jonathan Dibble, a junior from Spokane, Wash., said gift cards are good for certain people.

“It depends on the person,” Dibble said. “For the right person, it is the right gift, because they are more picky about what they want. If you just do not know what they want, then they appreciate that, too.”

3. The Batman Trilogy — “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” were released as a package deal on Dec. 4. People can never go wrong with a good movie collection. Amazon has the trilogy on Blu-ray for $29.96 and DVD for $19.96. Families can gather around the flat-screen and enjoy each other’s company while taking in Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces.

4. The small, thoughtful trinkets — For some students, it is not the money, but the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. People can always use a scarf to brunt the cold or a candle to warm the heart. Diane Roberts, a freshman from Tuscon, Ariz., said she enjoys giving trinkets and small presents to her family members.

“It is definitely the thought that counts,” she said. “I don’t think money is really a big factor. It just depends on how much time or thought … goes into a gift. I am a big fan of small gifts. It is the little things that accumulate to make the greater things.”

5. Perfume and cologne — Aqua di Gio by Armani and Light Blue by Dolce & Gabana are the gifts that keep on giving. When students give their significant other or family member one of these scents, Christmas will smell really good for a really long time.

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