Chicago to Provo | Fans unite to welcome Jabari Parker


Everyone in the country is raving over the top basketball recruit in the country, Jabari Parker, and now that he is coming to Provo, Cougar fans can do two things to make his experience memorable: donate and show up.

BYU joins Duke University and three other major universities all tussling for the top spot on the superstar’s shortlist. Tony Brown, a BYU fan from American Fork is helping to unite Cougar fans by giving out t-shirts on gameday when Parker visits the Marriott Center.

“Our goal is five thousand shirts,” said Brown.

The plan is to raise enough money to purchase t-shirts for the first several thousand fans who come to the Cougars’ November 24th game to support both BYU and Parker.

“It’s been overwhelming, actually. I think in about 36 hours we raised over four thousand dollars… And these people aren’t people we know. It’s just literally a fan website were we’ve pointed people to a donation page and it’s been really exciting,” Brown said.

“I think it’s a great idea. I think that’s awesome. He’ll be going to the game…And i really like that having the fans come out and support him like that,” said Ethan Lynn, a junior at BYU.

Parker is a Chicago native and although the shirts don’t mention his name or BYU’s for that matter, the message is clear. If you want to see Jabari-mania at BYU, come early to the November 24th matchup and support one of the most popular potential Cougars of all time.

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