Blog: Liar, you’re not moving to Canada

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Courtesy of Canada Citizenship and Immigration

Facebook and Twitter have been replete with references to “moving to Canada” since Tuesday night’s election. Although the authors of those posts and tweets might have thought their exodus jokes were original, this is something that occurs every four years.

With plenty of jokes surrounding the election, CNN reported that the number of immigration applications and calls to the Canadian Immigration office increases every four years between September and November. Coincidence that these numbers increase around the time of the presidential election?

The same trend of wanting to move to Canada is followed by another trend: talking the talk but not walking the walk — literally.

One immigration lawyer, who has been working in Canada for 30 years, said he feels like a therapist because callers just vent to him and then move on in their lives. He also said he can remember only a few people who actually went through with their escape plan and moved to Canada.

The Atlantic reported that immigration applications increased threefold eight years ago when President George W. Bush was running against John Kerry. However, the same lack of commitment occurred:

But six months later, when the post-election smoke cleared, the numbers turned out to be far less impressive than they first appeared. Many of those early applicants withdrew their immigration papers, and chose instead to brace for four years of mild, protracted disgruntlement.

In fact, when analysts looked back, the rate of U.S.-Canadian immigration fell during the six month period following President Bush’s election to a second term in office.

One news organization even released the process on how to become a Canadian citizen and The Huffington Post reported numerous reasons why Canada would be a great country to live in.

And if you’re looking to move, don’t forget about Colorado. Or as one tweeter said, “Looks like half of the US will be moving to Canada due to Obama and the other half to Colorado due to the legalization of marijuana.”

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