Blog: 5 Annoying Habits by Social Media Users


Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people feel connected to their “friends” and followers. Users are able to keep up with each others’ lives and regain contact after it has been lost for many years. Unfortunately, there are those users that misuse these social media websites. The following are a compilation of opinions and suggestions from several users on the top annoying habits of social media users:

1. Drama

Frankly, the general public is typically not interested in the drama that the individual is dealing with. Most people tend to have their own drama they are dealing with and that’s more than enough.

Baby Mama Drama. Baby Daddy Drama. Work Drama. Relationship Drama. Family Drama. Please, for your own sake, keep it off the Book. From my informal survey, this came up quite a bit in terms of deleting friends. We have to remember that Facebook is a social media outlet,” said Val Boaten of the KaiCon Group.

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2. TMI/Posting Things that Nobody Cares About

A personal blogger, Sara Forrest, gives examples:

” ‘I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve hit rock bottom. Things can’t get any worse. Don’t ask what’s going on and, no, I don’t wanna talk about it – it’s way too personal and, besides, I don’t want the attention.’ If you don’t want to talk about it, and you don’t want anyone to know about it, then what was the point of posting it in the first place? Oh right, because you “don’t want the attention”.

[pullquote]”I’m so bored” (…7 minutes later…) “Still SO bored” (…5 minutes later…) “SO SO SO bored” (…3.5.minutes later…) “NEVER BEEN SO BORED IN MY WHOLE LIFE” (…2.14 minutes later…) “Still bored” (…etc..) Cool story, bro. Tell it again.”[/pullquote]

3. Promotions and Advertising

Simply said:

“We get that people want some mileage for themselves, their company, or clients through social media. Most of us do. But that doesn’t justify spewing a stream of mostly promotional tweets. It’s obnoxious. It’s boring. It’s arrogant. And it will cost followers. (The kind who weren’t bought, anyway.)”, said Becky Gaylord of Ragan’s PR Daily.

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4. Passive Aggressive Posts or “Vaguebooking”

Vaguebooking” has become a newly created term for users who post vague statues like, “I can’t believe that just happened today…” or “Really!? How stupid can you be?”. No one quite knows what the status is referring to without being close to the situation. This is done to provoke a reaction or to passive aggressively send a message to the targeted person that will hopefully read this and get the point!

5. Excessive Posting

A common practice for users is to post what they ate for breakfast followed by a detailed account of what they are doing throughout the day with pictures. On the other end of the spectrum, people complain that no one’s life is that exciting that they need to be updating others about their day to day activities. This kind of continuous commentary would be more appropriate on a blog. Flooding the social media feeds with excessive photos from the same event can be avoided by creating a single album with all the pictures from that event. Moderation in everything.

Besides political posts, another common misuse is practiced with wedding and engagement photos.
“There is no logical reason to clog Instagram with upload after upload of wedding photos — especially if they’re photos you took of your wedding photos with various filters applied — or to post all of your wedding photos to Facebook in multiple albums. (Ditto on engagement photos. Seriously, no one wants to see those except maybe your parents.) Yes, you look pretty. Yes, weddings are joyous times. But, do you really need to prove how happy you are by putting every detail of your Big Day on display?”, said Natasha Burton of the Huffington Post.
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