Romney video goes viral


A conservative news station in Des Moines hosted Mitt Romney back when he ran for president in 2007.  The host, Jan Mickelson, asked grilling questions about Romney’s views on abortion and the coming of Christ, and Romney responded defensively.

The video shows Romney and Mickelson in the radio booth, sparring back and forth.  It opens up with Romney saying, “Having been a leader of my church, a bishop and a stake president, I understand my church better than you do,” followed by a sequence where Romney swats away the microphone in frustration.

Mickelson then questioned the mormon assertion about the second coming of Christ, saying “You said it was going to happen in Jerusalem, [but] your church says its going to happen in Missouri.”  Romney attempted to explain this briefly, but then moved back onto abortion.

Romney seemed to lose his temper during the discussion, but in an interview with Katie Couric he denied this , saying “I didn’t lose my temper. I was intense. And expressed my views directly and forthrightly.”

Even though the video appeared on YouTube last week, it has already attained more than 1.5 million views.

When the show aired, Romney said he was upset when he found out there was a “hidden camera” in the booth.  A producer from the show denied this claim, saying that the camera was right in front of Romney the whole time, and couldn’t be missed.

The video surfaced during a crucial moment in the election campaigns.  It has been spread by Democrats, who say that this may turn the tide of the election in their favor.

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