New gaming site aimed at BYU Cougars


Gamers at BYU can now play and compete with a new gaming platform that was launched Nov. 1 by a Phoenix-based College Game Stop LLC.

Developed by Arizona State University graduate, Nickolas Barbaria, the free, interactive gaming site is aimed to attract student gamers and provide them with a gaming platform that is a no-risk way to earn money and prizes. There are different sites for different universities like Arizona State and BYU.

Barbaria wants to share his love of gaming with other student-gamers and get them involved for their benefit.

“The site is a cool way for gamers on the same campus to play together and compete,” Barbaria said. “We offer prizes that people can win for winning tournaments and games.”

The prizes offered include cash, trips, event tickets and more all at no risk to the players. Barbaria and his mentor, Micheal Shep emphasize that the players can’t lose any money while participating and are happy with the positive feedback they are receiving about the site.

“We are really happy that this gaming site is exploding so fast,” Shep said. “It’s awesome that Nick has taken it from nothing to something huge.”

Through the use of Facebook and Twitter, Barbaria has been able to spread the word about the new gaming site getting several universities, now including BYU, involved.

Partnerships with WWE and NBC Sports have helped to get the site off the ground through advertising and endorsements. The companies offer valuable prizes and incentives to gamers who use the site.

“It is really cool to have powefrul, strategic partners that believe in what we’re doing,” Barbaria said. “These partnerships are helpful with reaching out to college kids and giving them what they want; people are loving it.”

Experienced gamer and friend of Barbaria, Dave Trautner, wishes he knew about a gaming site like CougarGameStop in college.

“It would have been cool to have access to a gaming site like this while I was in college,” Trautner said. “With zero risk and lots of opportunities to make money and win stuff, it’s a great gaming platform for students.”

The development team hopes to continue to tailor the site to university students and plans on doing campus events in the future. The website is and users can register for free using their Facebook account information.

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