‘In God We Trust’ plates may hit Utah

The nation’s popular mantra of “In God We Trust” may soon be on license plates in Utah.
President Dwight D Eisenhower signed a resolution in 1956 making the phrase “In God We Trust’ the national motto of the USA and fifty six years later it has taken an 11-year-old boy to be inspired to get the phrase placed on license plates in Utah.
The new “In God We Trust” license plate may be available to the public very soon. Courtesy America’s Freedom Festival
That 11 year old boy is Tate Christensen from Salt Lake City. An avid license plate collector, Christensen one day realized that Utah was missing one of America’s most iconic phrases on its plates. He took the matter to his Uncle Mike Mower, Gary Herbert’s Deputy Chief of Staff.
It was a few months ago that young Christensen says he was just “doing ebay searches for plates and saw an Indiana plate that had ‘In God We Trust’ on it. I showed it to my uncle and he said that Utah didnt have one.”
“I thought ‘well why doesnt Utah have one?'” said Christensen. After querying his Uncle Mike Mower, the wheels were put in motion to get it approved in Utah.
Mower enlisted the help of America’s Freedom Festival to get the project up and running.
In a press release Paul Warner, Executive Director of America’s Freedom Festival, stated “From Iowa to Virginia to Florida, drivers in many states can purchase license plates with the inspiring mottos ‘God Bless America’ or ‘In God We Trust. Shouldn’t Utah have something similar? We need at least 500 people to pre-order before the plate becomes available statewide. We believe there is definitely a demand in Utah for the plate. We’re counting on enough citizens to visit our website and get involved.”
By law 500 plates must be pre-ordered before it can become available to the general public.
According to a 2010 Gallup study, Utah is the third most religiously active State making it a wonder that steps to have this plate in Utah hadn’t taken place many years, if not decades before.
Mower inst helping Christensen just because it is his nephew, he believes this is a great campaign.
“I’m working with Tate on promoting the voluntary addition on some of Utah’s license plates of “In God We Trust” because this phrase is so important and inspiring,” said Mower. “It is well worth highlighting. Our nation’s motto, ‘In God We Trust’, inspiringly summarizes how many of us as Americans feel. Allowing Utah motorists to voluntarily add this to their license plates will highlight our motto and show that we agree with its message.”
Christensen says his parents have been “very supportive” with getting the plates approved.
“My dad collects plates too, he has too many to remember,” Christensen said. “I would love to add a Utah ‘In God We Trust’ plate to my collection and to see them around on the road.”
 More information is available at freedomfestival.org.
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