Blog: God on Utah license plates


Drivers in Utah can now purchase license plates with the motto “In God We Trust” clearly written on the left side of the plate.

America’s Freedom Festival, an organization located in Provo that sponsors events like Stadium of Fire and Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast, announced today on their website that the license plates will soon be available. The organization must receive more than 500 orders of the special license plates to put the process into action. The license plate is $25 plus $18 in state fees.

Utah Senator Todd Weiler and Utah Representative Val Peterson are sponsoring the license plate. Weiler agreed to sponsor the bill in the Senate, the website said.

“Utah should be a leader in supporting our faith and our country,” Representative Peterson told the organization. “The passage of this bill will allow people to make a statement about the principles upon which this country was founded.  I am excited to lend my support to this proposal.”

However, Utah is behind the idea of including a reference to God on its license plates. Texas recently released plates with the saying “One State Under God” despite controversy. In Iowa, citizens can order license plates with “God Bless America” located in the corner. Citizens from Virginia, Kansas and Alaska can also drive their cars declaring “In God We Trust.”

[] America’s Freedom Festival at Provo released this article today with a sample image of the proposed Utah license plate with the saying “In God We Trust” on the side. Utah Senator Todd Weiler will sponsor the bill in the US Senate.
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