Breast Cancer: More than Wearing a Pink Ribbon


The American cancer society says breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women in the USA. However, there is hope. Experts say that if women do the appropriate screenings, breast cancer is 99% curable.

The Utah County Health Department has free breast cancer screenings this month to help women with early detection.

For many women and their families this is a daily issue, and experts say there is hope for those who struggle.

“I’ve had someone in my family who had breast cancer,” said Carlee Holmoe, BYU soccer player. “The experience is definitely traumatic. I think its hard, not only for the person, but for the family,” she shared.

Going through those experiences can be hard. That is why experts say every woman older than 40 should get a mammogram every year. However, health specialists say they are not the only ones who should be on alert.

“Younger women also get breast cancer,” said Sonia Dale, a registered nurse with the Health Department.

Experts say women as young as 20 years old should start getting physical breast examinations every three years.

“Breast cancer is very curable if found in time,” said Dale, “that’s why it’s so important to get checked.”

Breast cancer survivor, Eva Salazar, got checked at the age of 27 and doctors found she had a cancerous lump.

“I felt scared,” said Salazar, “but now, not really because…they have so many doctors that they find now how to get the cancer more easily.”

Dale agrees about the power of medicine today.

“Unfortunately my mother has had breast cancer. She was diagnosed 10 years ago and it was very advanced, but medicine these days is so great compared to 34 years ago. She’s still alive, she is still here with us,” said Dale.

The Utah County Health Department supports the Susan G. Komen foundation in their breast cancer research. However, they also try to actively help the community doing screenings.

“The reason why I come here its because they help many people and for free,” said Salazar, “Some people come for free. I don’t, but other people come for free and I want them to get some money to help other people.”

If you want more information about the qualifications to get free screenings at the Health Department, you can find more information on their webpage:


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